The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee serves as a conduit between the students and the Athletic Department. Each sport elects at least one full-time representative to the group and the SAAC conducts one meeting each month.

The role of SAAC is to communicate students’ concerns to the Athletic Department and administration, but also help coordinate student-related activities at campus athletic events. SAAC members are also involved in several community service projects each year.

Each athletic team delegates one member to serve as a Team Experience Visionary, or "TEV" on the SAAC. The role of the TEV is to be actively involved in the day-to-day activities of the team and to present ideas or changes that improves the student-athlete experience for that team.

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  • To act as a liaison between the student athletes and the athletic department.
  • To give input regarding the sport procedures.
  • To promote effective communication to the administration.
  • To provide suggestions on programs designed to serve the student athletes needs.
  • To act as a liaison between the students and the NCAA & NCCAA.
  • To help coordinate workers for concessions and games.


  • Organizing activities promoting fan sportsmanship and appreciation.
  • Improving the MBU student-athlete experience


Please contact a SAAC team representative with ideas and concerns. The student body is welcome to express their ideas and concerns to any SAAC member directly.


  • Alicyn Wigdal - President
  • Ryan Gick - Male Vice President
  • Alyssa Wright - Female Vice President

Commitees - Committee Leaders

  • Crazies - Adam Love
  • Communications - Abigail Jones
  • Community Service - Brett Cournoyer
  • Cancer Awareness - Cameron Rankin


Brett Cournoyer Men's Soccer - TEV
Lauryn Wigdal Women's Cross Country
Ryan Gick Men's Cross Country - TEV
Cameron Rankin Men's Cross Country
Daniel Kroll Men's Soccer
Allyson Brimer Women's Volleyball
Alison Renz Women's Volleyball
Abigail Jones Women's Volleyball - TEV
Janae Jorgensen Women's Soccer
Alison Hernandez Women's Soccer
Samuel Fuller Men's Basketball
Adam Love Men's Basketball - TEV
Julie Roer Women's Basketball
Alyssa Wright Women's Basketball
Katie Bender Softball
Katelyn Hockema Softball
Micah Shepard Baseball
Jake Vossen Baseball
Derek Wallis Men's Volleyball (Club)
Adam Love MBU Crazies Representative


History of Service

2014-15: Adopt-a-Highway (football & volleyball), local clinics for children (fb, vb, socc, bsb), cancer awareness fundraising for Cindy Borchardt and Jane Morrison, helped at Special Olympics event.

2013-14: Donated food items to the Watertown Food Bank, Adopt-a-Highway (football & volleyball), local clinics for children (vb, socc, bb), cancer awareness fundraising (MB4U) for Anne Moliter, helped at Special Olympics Swim Meet.
2012-13: Donated food items to the Watertown Food Bank, Adopt-a-Highway (football & volleyball), local clinics for children (fb, vb, socc, bb)
2011-12: Donated food items to the Watertown Food Bank, Adopt-a-Highway (football & volleyball)
2010-11: Donated 1.003 food items to the Watertown Food Bank
2009-10: New committee structure to improve involvement; Donated 1.400 cans to the Watertown Food Bank; Men’s basketball theme nights
2008-09: NAC Cans Across the Conference, 2nd Place; Attend the NCAA Leadership Conference
2007-08: Co-ed volleyball times; Attend the NCAA Leadership Conference
2006-07: Attend the NCAA Leadership Conference
2005-06: Helped formulate an action plan to address issues from the 2004-05 Athletic Survey; Organized halftime volleyball contests; Initiated Sunday evening gym hours; Developed sportsmanship guidelines; Institutional Scholar Athlete Awards Program
2003-04 and 2004-05: Initiation of sportsmanship incentive – “Sportsmanship starts with you”; Crusader Crazies T-shirt; Schedule advertisements around Watertown; Purchased equipment.